I already fill the form completely but nothing happens when i click it. how long it takes to get through the auditions and to become a trainee ALL depends on the company. Bc he just did an interview where he talks about failing loads of auditions before finally being accepted at Cube. sorry for the waaaayyy late reply TT^TT but YES!!! i have agreed to let her audition by the time she is 15 years old. JYP really does seem like the middle ground between a lot of idols and their future companies lol! i'm still 13 .huh , i really hope that i can go there . Nichkhun is recruited at a music festival in Los Angeles and begins training. 1. I want to be in JYP entertainment (or any company) because the overall feel I get from the company it self is that they really can make you a STAR! I look younger though. How can i know that my online audition had sent to them..they say that..(please verfify your e-mail) what that mean? My guess is you have to have experience as in like producers, managers, song makers, etc. so i can´t keep going on the audition :c please help !! Well, will you tell me about auditioning for VC/VJ?? Because you don't just go through one audition. If we pass the global auditions do we go straight into becoming a trainee? Because i've go to the site that Jype audition online, but its used by korean language. Summer 2021 online.Learn more. Fortunately, Jin-Young Park, owner of JYP Entertainment, added her as a member of Twice due to her dancing. family site . He debuted as a soloist in 2015, but left and signed with H1GHR MUSIC (Jay Park's label, interestingly enough) in 2017. *if foreigner*, YES! They really do prepare you well for ANYTHING!!! Apply > NOTICE MORE > FAQ; Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about JYP Audition. It is a recording and talent agency based in Seoul. Whatever you want to do you can do ^_^ I hope this encouraged you to follow your dreams GOD BLESS! [ ] #jypthmonthlyaudition in 2021 january "now it's your turn" วันนี้- 31 ม.ค 64 อ่านรายละเอียด การรับสมัครได้ในรูป #jypthaudition #jyp #audition what do I do if i get in and pass all auditions? Reply please, You can do more than that...YOU CAN BE AN IDOL! Be sure to read our rules before participating and check out our sidebar! I also have a very flat nose. JYP Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts Official Company Name: JYP Entertainment Corporation (Formally Known As “Tae-Hong Planning Corporation”) CEO: Jung Wook Founder: Park Jin-young Founding Date: April 25, 1997 Address: 205 Gangdong-daero, Gangdong-gu, Seoul JYP Entertainment Official Accounts: Official Website: jype Fan Website: fans.jype Facebook: … Thanks for compiling all this :). because I am also 22 lol and I'm still auditioning ^_^. Just audition, and give it a try! Park rose to stardom as a singer following the release of his 1994 debut album, Blue City. It's a "state of mind" thing because it doesn't matter what other people say. IF you aren't that strong of a singer than you should probably focus more on your dancing and really letting that be your main talent and singing be more like a secondary talent. 'LOUD': Psy and Park Jin-young to launch 2 K-pop boy bands, here's the eligibility criteria and how to audition. Adding on, I know this post doesn't include female idols but goddamn there are so many rare gem photos on the net of the most random group of idols who were training at JYP - Suzy (Miss A), Jinyoung (GOT7), Shownu (MONSTA X), Junghwa (EXID). On episode 6 of the reality show Sixteen, she got eliminated from the competition. Or we need to go to the doctors, wether it be normal, eyes, dentist, etc... Hi! Can i audition at monthly/global auditions for jyp? a little more detail on the stray kids boys: Jeongin (15), Hyunjin (16), Changbin (17) join, in that order, Hyunjin was scouted by JYPE first before he auditioned, Felix was also scouted and was asked to audition like Hyunjin. (2,3,4 etc.). Would we have to buy our own ticket? GOD BLESS! omg this much have taken so much time. Hi,I'm 13 years old now.I haven't dance or sing ever but I have a talent and currently learning two of them by myself.currently i am learning English and Korean.can i dance to a song like GOT7 'A'?because I can sing it.Thanks for such a good information. He moved back to Korea (from Canada) in ~2011. That way the judge will see that she already has a fanbase, she has been training and she can already speak korean. Every site that you put is unavailable now. JYP ONLINE AUDITION Challenge now! how to pass jyp audition, The audition is a systematic process in which industry professionals select performers, which is in some ways analogous to a job interview in the regular job market. Can i apply to other companies with the same video that i auditioned expamle. Yes. Also at the end of every month they have monthly evaluations where the trainees have to show how much they have improved and everything they have learned for that month. JYP Beijing Center China 2. Idt Mark ever passed the dance either. YES!!! Just go to, Online Auditions = More convenient BUT Less effective. Hi! In this documentary, former member, finished at the top spot and received the most fan votes. What if i am not fluent in speaking korean? News update for audition. Great post up there. HI I have 19 years i will start dancing and rap this summer ..after 2 years i want to debut in JYP but if they accept me in online auditions where should i go? Hope this helped! APPLY. Did he leave in 2017? was chosen to serve as the group's leader, as he was the oldest member and also the one where all the members acknowledged as the most talented one. It was later announced that she would be joining the group under her stage name, While most Korean boy bands at the time adopted a "pretty boy". Apart from that I just remembered a couple of names and faces that I've seen mentioned training at JYP before. TT^TT BUT I think I can help you! I don't know if you already got answered on this but. During her time in New York, she studied at the Repertory Company High School in Manhattan. "The members of Got7 were recruited as trainees of JYP Entertainment after going through various auditions. I can only speak English. The online audition has no age limit but these might have. Would be interesting to see what these predebut relationships might look like, mapped out as a network of social connections. Ravn placed 2nd. I'm planning on taking hip-hop dance lessons twice a week, starting the end of this year. I did the soompi Jyp Global audition. JB and Jr., both from South Korea, signed with JYP after they were tied for first place at the 5th JYP Trainee Open Recruitment in 2009. i mean,i dont want to join that audition alone . I, m 14, 25%filpino,25%chinese and 50% japanese. Just like last time, let me know if I missed anyone or you have a timeline for the unknown trainees! What's the worst the judges can do? Hello ! Not only stars who are good at singing and dancing, but also ones who have proper manners/etiquette, can speak confidently, and have humility". The training ends when all the teachers agree that a student is ready to debut, at which point the student is presented to JYPE President, Park Jin Young. Thank you for understanding. I'm a really shy person and I'm not sure how that will help me out there. And how about tourist driver ? i'm planning to audition for jyp too :). but if you're an official trainee, they will pay your plane tickets, hotel, etc.. they also pick you up when you're at the airport..I'm actually thinking to take an audition at jype but i'm not sure.. What kind of video should we send for these VC/VJ online auditioning? But once they accept you there are contracts that need to be signed and then they have to get your visa and fill out a lot of paperwork and get airplane tickets. These auditions aren't for people who want to become kpop trainees these auditions are for people who want to work for JYP's company as management agent, recruitment agents, etc... ^_^, Hii i want to work with JYP what should i do plz tell me working with JYP is a great honour m really interested to be a part of jyp company. Thanks in advance! I have had problems uploading for 6 YEARS!!! But unless you live in South Korea or in a captial/ well-known city like New York, LA, Beijing, Bangkok, Tokyo, etc... it won't be as convenient for you because you will have to travel to one of the closets places that the audition is going to be held and let me tell you IT AIN'T CHEAP! you can still audition even after 20. I had great experiences, learned a lot and made many friends that I am still friends with to this day. Not to mention the female trainees too?? learning korean will definietly increase her chances! This is their latest single "Go Crazy" composed by member Jun.K himself. YES! family site . Hi, I have some questions about auditioning to be a part of JYP Entertainment. wow this list grew a lot since the last update, thank you! Hi i how about be a model? And after how much time they tell you that you are become a trainee?Sorry if you don't understand, because I'm from Italy and I don't speak so good english.Thank you ☺️. Part of the members had previously lived in the U.S., ex-leader, "Originally, the members of 2PM were part of a larger group known as One Day. When you become a trainee do they pay for your dorms and etc? He definitely has that JYP 'look' as well. ?sorry for nonesense. They have it or we need to go by our own also ? Do we receive a monthly allowance? Since JYP entertainment are hosting global auditions right now I bet A LOT of people are panicking because they can't find a song to match their voice that will blow the judges away or they are looking for the right hip-hop song to dance to that will show off their amazing Taemin/Taeyang/Jay Park-like dance moves right?! The information from the article above states, ". ^_^ Sorry for the late reply I am just now seeing your comment. I can speak Chinese and English, and I want to enter JYP entertainment through its dance audition. There are trainees and even idols that went to school and are still currently going to school. Originally debuted as a member of WonderGirls in 2007 but left in 2010 to focus on her studies. What should i do? I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. ummm hii my name is sahar i am arabic in 20 from iraq will jyp will acceot me as atrainee. If the trainee does well in the evaluations they have more opportunities to be in showcases where they get to show more of their talents, they get offers to be back-up dancers for official JYP artist (on live stage and in music videos), they get more opportunities to be scheduled for events/MV&CF appearances, and most important they get a better chance at debuting. what kind of dance forms we need to learn for audition??? Suzy was a model for an online mall prior to being signed with JYP. It produces and markets music recording/publishing, record manufacturing/sales, artist management, concert production, and new artist discovering/training. As for tourist drivers, this one I am also curious about, When you go there after you pass the online auditions since you have to pay for your hotel and stuff you probably will not have a tourist driver sent by the company to come pick you up; you would probably have to catch a taxi or find your own means of transportation to the hotel and around Seoul. If we passed the online audition , how about flight tickets ? I believe you can do it regardless of your race. 개인정보처리방침. if you're not accepted, they most likely will not respond back to you so try waiting for 3 weeks for a response and if they don't respond back, you most likely aren't accepted :( good luck though!! And they also debuted as actors in Dream High 2. Yugyeom, who had competed in. It was 1st collaboration project with Brave Brothers. Open/Live Auditions = Not convenient BUT Most effective. In an audition, the employer is testing the ability of the applicant to meet the needs of the job and assess how well the individual will take directions and deal with changes. They only do live or online auditions TT^TT, Hi i wondered can i become a trainee even if im white? I want to work with jyp not as a star but as a staff what should i do? Jr and JB are a sub-unit called, JJ Project that debuted before GOT7. Hello! I live in Finland but i'm going to do online audition (i'm already a member of jyp entertainment page) so is it like i have to send the videos and pictures to them by email? its crazy how this many idols from so many different groups all went through JYP at one point in their trainee careers?? I even dont know hangul. Also, this link discusses the JYP showcase from the first episode of the Stray Kids reality show was held on August 17, 2017 so we can deduce that Lee Know joined JYP sometime between February and August 2017. The online audition is the simplest and cheapest way to audition for JYP. image, 2PM constructed a tough and macho beast-like image when they made their debut" (wikipedia). See More At least one member definitely didn’t pass (Youngjae probs didn’t, but he was practically already guaranteed a spot for his vocals and he only trained 7 months). 1) I am 14, will they accept me being that young? 내부정보관리규정. Whether they tell you yes or no shouldn't determine what YOU decide to do at the end of the day. FIGHTING!!! Training at JYPE is not limited to only singing and dancing lessons. It is one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea , [4] and operates as a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management company, concert production company, and music … Do we receive a monthly allowance? JYP Entertainment USA 5. Press J to jump to the feed. I am not sure about management positions and how to get those because I mostly focus on become an idol but I know that JYP does management auditions every now and than; so it is best if you stay tuned to JYP's website and be on the look out for those. Will they teach me? Wrote all of her songs for her solo debut album. JYP sounds like a great company to be under. I am now in japan. so we can only rely on online audition. I need to pay all of them by my own pocket money ? Regardless, of whether you think the companies will accept you or not you should still try for your dream. Since someone has already asked you do we need to buy our own flight or not. Online Audition - Can i send a video of my group? On November 27, 2011, TSL announced that JYP had left t… because they only want us to send 3 pic with different type? To make millions of teenage dreams true, a brand new project has been launched by P Nation’s Psy and JYP entertainment’s CEO Park Jin Young, in collaboration with SBS It also featured the elimination of three trainees from the group: Lee Swichi, Im Daehun, and, By the end of the training process, One Day had been reduced to an eleven-member group. While auditioning is easier, so that you have an opportunity to get these kinds of jobs. :). I'm only for the summer vacation in seoul for 2weeks and if I would be accepted I have to leave my family, friends and my home. Alright I hope this helps you in endeavors! Also, we have to submit audio for singing or video can be sent as well? Can you link me the audition online that used english? About my visual, i am 154 cm and currently weighing 49kg(i'm recovering from being overweight and already lost 4kg for the past 3months due to my desire to be a trainee). Don't think OP mentioned Donghyuck (iKON), even I just stumbled across this - Donhyuck, Jackson + Mark + BamBam (GOT7). I hope you can help. HiI've like to know that if we are not accepted when doing the online audition, will we get an email saying that we've failed or not? One more for you: Golden/G.Soul is known as JYP's longest trainee, having trained for 15 years. Also, im improving my dancing and singing but i do not know how to rap and play an instrument. Follow me on my journey. when i am going to be a login member they will ask for a ID but currently I haven't one.can i give my mom's ID??? Those 5 people were Woong (AB6ix), Kino (pentagon), Yugyeom (got7), yoojung (Onlyoneof), and Woodz. I loved 2PM back in the day so was pretty into JYP Nation (lmao) and I can follow most of the stuff until like 2012 and then it gets too crazy. JYP forms a band called 5Live with YoungK, Junhyeok, Jae, Sungjin and Wonpil, Sungwoon debuts in Hotshot with the song Take a Shot, Jisung (15) joined JYP after training at D.E.F academy, Dowoon (20) joins JYP after they open auditions for a band, Daehwi (14) passes JYP global auditions in the US, Woojin (AB6IX) (16) auditions and joins JYP, Chan and Yuchan show up as backups in a twice MV, Shownu debuts in Monsta X with the song Trespass, Byeongkwan and Yuchan leave JYP to join Beat Interactive, Jeongin (15) Hyunjin (16), Changbin (17) join, in that order, Felix (17) passes auditions in Australia but stays behind to finish school, Woojin (19), Allen (17) and Yuto (17) (ONF) join JYP, Hui, Kino and Yuto debut in Pentagon with the song Gorilla, Daehwi leaves JYP and joins Brand New Music, Seungmin joins Wollim *Despite having no date, its presumed Donghyun and Woojin leave with Daehwi. they do and if you want to know where exactly check out there facebook page or they official website. Let's say we pass all auditions, does JYP pays for flight, room & board? That is a topic that you would have to work out with your company when they take you on as a trainee. He takes gold, After a scandal, Jay Park leaves JYP and korea to return to the United States, Youngjae (17) (bap), H.O (16) audition and join JYP, Chan and bambam play hide and seek with their hyung Sungjin, Jae (20) passed auditions in LA for Kpop Star and after elimination was signed on with JYP, Donghyun (14) passes the 9th recruitment and joins JYP, Mark got into a fight with Hui, JB and Youngjae all at once, with YoungK translating between mark and the others, Peniel leaves JYP and Joins Cube, Youngjae joins TS, H.O joins J.Tune Camp, Hui goes to China, JB and Jinyoung debut in JJ Project with the song Bounce, Youngjae debuts in B.A.P with the song Warrior, Peniel and Sungjae debut in BTOB with the song Insane, GOT7 is formed as a 6 member group with JB, Jinyoung, Jackson, Mark, Youngjae and Yugyeom, Bambam is scheduled to debut with Chan at a later date, but impresses JYP at a showcase and is added to GOT7, Yuchan (17) auditions later and passes, soon being introduced to Byeongkwan. He played key roles in several of the band's early singles and associated music videos" (wikipedia). (I'm black, but not really going to audition), Hiii!! i mean jyp center seoul korea? I've auditioned to JYP Entertainment's online auditioning system three times now and I have several questions assuming I pass their online audition and become a trainee since I just submitted my best (for me) vocal audition ever!! What would also be great is if you got her active in local talent shous, beauty contest; if you can get her into movies and on tv that would be great! JYP entertainment is a South Korean record label founded by Park Jin-Young on April 25, 1997. If there is is it in the same place as before, or is it in Korea? if so, when and where is it? It would be helpful if you can tell me!^^. Let's say we pass all auditions, JYPE pays for flight, room & board? Taecyeon (17) auditions for JYP in New York and soon moves to Korea to participate in Superstar Survival, Junho (16) joined jyp to participate in Superstar Survival, he placed 1st, Chansung (16) joined to participate in Superstar Survival, but did not win, Wooyoung (18) wins the first JYP annual auditon, Seulong (21) joins JYP to participate in the show Hot Blood, Jinwoon (17) participates in the show Hot Blood, Changmin (22) participates in the show Hot Blood, JB (15) and Jinyoung (15) joined JYP after being tied for first place in the 5th JYP open recruitment, J-Hope (15) auditions in the same recruitment, but did not pass, YoungK (17) was in a band called 3rd Degree and was contacted by JYP to join the company, Bambam (13) joins JYP after winning a competition to get his mom a dinner with Rain, Chan (13) auditioned and they liked him so much they went to his house to evaluate him a second time, Wonpil (16) passed his audition and Sungjin (17) passed his audition, Peniel (17) auditioned in the US by doing three poses because he didnt want to sing, Hui (17) took first place for male vocalists at his audition, Mark (17) is casted in the US and passed auditions in August, Yugyeom (13) was scouted at his cousins dance academy, Sungwoon (17) passes the 6th round auditions, Yook Sungjae (15) enters 6th round auditions but does not make, Jackson (17) is scouted but Has to place in the youth olympics to join, a deal he made with his parents.

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