Nekomaru is also known as the Ultimate Team Manager. She indeed does by challenging Monokuma to a battle. The two of them can confirm that Sakura, Celeste, and Asahina all entered the old building earlier during the day, but none of them had any of the items used in the crime on their person as they left. Nidai Nekomaru (32) Hinata Hajime (25) Soda Kazuichi (25) Komaeda Nagito (22) Kuzuryu Fuyuhiko (21) Reader (20) Togami Byakuya (20) Tanaka Gundham (19) Naegi Makoto (18) Sonia Nevermind (18) Include Relationships Nidai Nekomaru/Reader (37) Soda Kazuichi/Reader (26) Hinata Hajime/Reader (25) Komaeda Nagito/Reader (24) Tanaka Gundham/Reader (24) Ever since he was a child, Nekomaru Nidai was told that he didn't have much time left. sprite Is there a chance Monokuma's poison might not display any physical signs such as blotches? The note reads as follows: Can you help me please? /u/GundhamTanaka. This case has no accomplices. His shirt is very bloody, however. The outer side of the door is clean. However, she cannot determine much more without more professional medical equipment or skills. He also really appears to enjoy fighting, often in the form of very serious training.Nekomaru sees no shame in talking about certain things that could make others feel em… Problem here is, I don’t feel like either is the right option. He didn’t understand how it happened; It all happened so fast; They were having a party and all Nekomaru wanted was a bathroom; But as he waited at the locked door, the lights went out; When they came back on, screams rang throughout the building; Nekomaru ran back to the party room, throwing the doors open I Meant to be up at 6 but I over slept! 1 Availability 2 Locations 3 Presents 3.1 Present Reactions 4 Skills Granted 5 Free Time Event Dialogue and Option Guide 5.1 Introduction (Page 1) 5.2 Free Time Event 1 (Page 2) 5.3 Free Time Event 2 (Page 3) 5.4 Free Time Event 3 (Page 4) … It’s the difficulty and struggles you need to go through to reach the that last tier of the food chain, all the time teetering between a narrow victory and a despairing loss. Additionally, he has several bruises across his face and upper body. While I admit that remembering stuff ain’t my forte, what they weren’t expecting was my ultimate super secret weapon: A piece of paper! (OOC: I'll add sprites ASAP, formatting is being difficult). /u/Hero11213 as the only man who's ever been inside of meeee (Relax, he just took out his appendix), Mondo Owada! Nekomaru Nidai was a character in the game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, he was the "Ultimate Coach".His remains are used by Kazuichi Souda to create a "mini-Nidai… She does recalls being grabbed from behind, felt a headache coming on and presumably lost consciousness. Legends of the Multi-Universe: Weirdmageddon. A legendary coach with a knack for taking terrible teams and turning them into champions. The victims in this case are Nekomaru Nidai and Kazuichi Soda. During the events of Danganronpa 2, Nekomaru was severely injured by Monokuma in Chapter 3 while trying to protect Akane Owari. He has two scars running from the top of his both eyes downwards in their own directions. By having her develop to be more competent and useful following his death, their relationship, and by extension his entire character, would provide more value to the game, because as is Akane is probably the least liked survivor and thus their entire dynamic, which … it's always the same story.... until souda kazuichi gets to him first. I'm pretty sure it was Monomi/u/Spicyman33 . BMI: Unknown Blood Type: A Likes: Freshly washed towels Dislikes: Lazy people Family: Unknown Participated: The Tragedy, Neo World Program, Killing School … Nekomaru Nidai: He died from falling 4 stories because Gundam Tanaka tied him to a door handle.