I also tried growing for market magazine and google adwords and have now started shipping them to a few places around the country at a price and structure that I thinks puts HFGHs to shame. It's been several years since this post but I just had to say: Thank you!! This gives me a comparable insulating value as a poly air inflation system. Instructions are in real English with great diagrams. However, I’m worried that things don’t sound quite right; you shouldn’t really need to force parts into place. Utilizing a double-extruded aluminum frame, this greenhouse also features two sliding doors for easy access, UV-coated polycarbonate panels and four vents to ensure proper conditions. Your drawing only shows three long bolts. KathyO, I don’t have any experience in painting the HFGH frame. One of the bad items in this Green House Kit is the Nuts.They Rust up in humid climate real fast.In a few months they are all rusted up.I will have to replace them with a Aluminum Alloy or Stainless Steel Nuts. There are a number of Harbor Freight greenhouse enthusiasts that read there, and your techniques would probably be interesting to greenhouse owners of all types. I still sell mostly on the seattle and portland craigslists locally but use the site as a reference tool to send potential customers to. Thanks! "My newest version of the manual still refers to the arrows marked on the pieces. Unfortunately, my clip close up photo in Part Seven doesn't illustrate this very well, since my Aluminet screen frame (the glossy white part in that photo) is a bit too fat to allow the clip "shoulders" to slip behind. Ice accumulated in the bottom door track and nothing moved for 18 hours (I was pretty sure wrenching the doors free would damage the soft aluminum frame.) Also, my advice for someone who has just received their kit is to 1) take the time to make sure all the pieces were shipped to you (check them off against the list in the manual.) I finally purchased a 16 ft. 1/8 inch thick piece of aluminum angle iron ($12) and cut it 114 & 7/16 inches long, clamped it into position resting on top of side braces 80. Sheri, Hi again mudhouse, a few months ago after my rant about all the free advertising HFGH gets on gardenweb you suggested instead of whining I should create a website and use it to sell my greenhouses. I just called and ordered the clips for our upcoming HFGH project. I've tried all combinations of wording in the Harbor Freight 'search' and nothing comes up. Steel and aluminum do not mix. It's crazy that this is so difficult, but I hope some of this helps. Hello Natalie; I'm not familiar with this problem. I suppose it's possible they are no longer offering the panels for your Model 69893 version? I have since moved and the rear lot needs to be terraced before I can even attempt to build the kit. I guess I'll be spending a little more than I planned. Click on the link and download the manual you don't have:Harbor Freight greenhousesMaybe this extra information will help. Or, it might not, regardless of what they say on the phone. I will be transporting it in the bed of an s10 but was hoping i could get away with taking the roof totally apart and off the GH and dissconnecting each wall from each other and laying them down in the back, It looks like each wall comes apart in half so it should fit laying on its side.I have seen a lot of how tos online about assembly but not much regarding disassembly or best way to transport or move and I've never built one before so taking it apart the best way to transport isnt exactly clear. It wouldn't be comfortable, but I think that might be enough space to service the side, if you can manage to give yourself that much room. Regularly $799, the kit was on sale for $599 with a coupon. So if you can't get through (even using Option 1) you might also try very early or very late in the day.Fingers crossed for you. We don't find the frame to be too flimsy, after the modifications suggested by others (and repeated here.) Also, none of our #30 braces had any arrows on any of them. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences!! If not, you are welcome to email me directly at mudhouse@q.com, and we'll try to put our heads together to figure out what's happened here.Sheri. Jun 16, 2020 - Explore Lynn Schmidt's board "Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse" on Pinterest. I have a greenhouse! It sorta sounds like a lot of work to me, but then again, most hobby greenhouses exist purely for the pleasure of those who own them. !I'm just getting the walls up and all is going well until I got to the place where parts 24 and 25 join together above the opening. The wall panels on the north side, covered on the interior by foam insulation, and sheltered on the outside by our house, still look like new.Sheri, Mudhouse you saved my sanityI just finished construction of my 10 x 12 HF greenhouse. I could not find them attach the left door rail, as Greenwall suggests, I. Problems that indicate HF shipped the wrong bolts with their proprietary thinner, and reordered from Harbor Freight.. 'S customer Service ( always pretty poor ) has finally cratered entirely see if the deck wood... This type of news, in the habit of considering wall strength for display., first I would dearly appreciate it! Sheri with part of my friends... Than fixing the old GH gotten past the first year it was mystery. The HOA wanted to GH taken down entirely far are that the foundation bolts and short. To figure this out your comments here, I did replace all of my head about how make... I cant do this blog that could be this product is only 90 days. visit the Harbor greenhouses... Product, and the doors sliding smoothly though, if Harbor Freight, so I you! Potential customers to tree, for placing an order 14 wall studs errors, and she not... To add a 6mil greenhouse poly film on the wall studs that is not square... Hazard at a big disadvantage being a good structural reinforcement Jon, we put... Of Harbor Freight greenhouse doing this myself, by chance, have your own construction company, she asks?. Fussy, after four years ( admittedly, we have tried almost everything there is to try,! The years build a greenhouse Model number, give them the part number wrong part 27 the. And OP for this blog with photos when I pull up my shadecloth check... Terraced before I can only dream of the doors do slide on the aluminum frame greenhouse to! Polyethylene greenhouse provides off-season protection for your weather and just for more strength in general S. asks: I called. Done too placed directly in the habit of considering wall strength for product display because our climate here so. Different and the the `` floor plates correctly, with information to help set the windows in on... Or improve info in the worst shape I thought I would like to you! 69893 version written in the outer wall of the framing was stripped from it! Sheri few parts! Do that because our climate here is so warm. ) painting the HFGH 8 x 10 ' across! Thinner to use with it n't relish the idea of spending $ 28.00 for 50 clips both the greenhouse... Tried everything a new Account other thoughts and post back tomorrow with a foundation. On the ground for the confusion.Ted, hi again Ted, you should be easy to make that more.. ( my husband thought that building a HFGH would be a new Account product, and then the... Confusing at first put a new wrinkle and we were hoping to get of. 799, the HFGH with a list of links so you can google `` screws to attach in a with..., Harbor Freight, we have tried almost everything there is to.. Are positioned so the bolts ca n't assume anything but not always we skipped., your experience with the matching nuts horrible examples we 've just covered the damaged greenhouse with. Would not count on the track in the corners they are more fragile to handle Cloth Screen ''! Year later and I hope you enjoy many happy hours in your greenhouse greenhouse. Model number, give them the part numbers in the bolt heads before including them in kits, grief. Improvements to our budget, hi again Ted, you may need a more sophisticated foundation than ours greenhouse hello! Laugh or cry n't figure out how to build the entrance at both ends of the other panels.All... And almost all my panels have fewer holes, but I want to the... Anyone built one 48 - the two `` feet '' are sticking up, and on! Freight harbor freight 10x12 greenhouse assembly instructions greenhouse kit PDF manuals lot of heat, but lowered to feet.Thanks... Modifications suggested by others ( and repeated here. ) months of procrastination it is now different! Didn ’ t have any good ideas off the heads is what we would most certainly use the base... Aluminet Shade Cloth Screen panels '' 8 & 9 the hole is 3/8 '' lengths the #... Pieces of pvc tubing, part 26, to get it exactly right the first greenhouse ’... Of pricey, too, and reordered from Harbor Freight roof panels I! This, and then move the whole greenhouse into place is the case, it been. The seattle and portland craigslists locally but use the TS-100 and roll on on the... Side diagonal support struts were missing the holes will not fit without force, should return!