Hitachi Automotive Systems, Keihin, Showa and Nissin Kogyo Conclude Management Integration and Commence Operations as Hitachi Astemo Nov. 18, 2020. Technological Information [BFF&BFRC-lite]. Showa Free Piston Oil Seal - 10 x 20 x 6 NLA USE F32201001 Honda 2003+ CRF Please note that all images used in this website are for illustration purposes only and the actual product may differ in size, shape, colour, texture or features. My shop manual while ok isn t the clearest, Every time I change oil I have to kind of refigure things out. Burt’s Reliable remains the only heating oil company on the North Fork that delivers low-sulfur natural heating oil with a B20 biofuel blend. Add to Cart. However, the only way to truly drain all the oil is to remove the leg from the triple tree and turn it upside down. Free shipping Front Fork Oil Seal Kit 39x52x11 Showa 39mm ARI (Pair) Part # 734.00.59. SHOWA forks Formulated specifically to meet and/or exceed all factory specifications SAE10W 1 Liter Please see your owners/service manual for proper fork oil weight/type Re: Showa SS8 Fork Oil and Fork Service Kit « Reply #4 on: January 11, 2015, 01:17:08 PM » Maybe no help to you, but in the US I used Hermy's to find p/n's and costs. £15.54 £12.95. When one Broadway husband and wife duo could not take it anymore. In the second case, you are filling a fork leg that is bone dry (requiring a little more).-Most Harley-Davidson models have a drain screw in the bottom. honda ss8 fork oil equivalent, showa ss-08, showa ss-8, showa ss8, showa ss8 equivalent, showa ss8 fork oil, showa ss8 fork oil equivalent, showa ss8 fork oil substitute, ss-8 fork oil, ss8 fork oil. Click on a term to search for related topics. Sourced from SHOWA Japan as a direct replacement oil for your O.E. $4.59. Buy It Now. This BPF Fork Cap Wrench, along with the Cartridge Holding Tool TFCH 06 fit Showa BPF (Big Piston Forks). Previously near impossible to buy, Teknik has been appointed the SHOWA distributor for genuine parts with orders every 2 weeks and a full range of product available including A kit and WP to Showa conversion kits for WP Xplor forks. Some is blue, some red, some green. Showa Genuine Parts sourced from the manufacturer is your guarantee of quality. RMZ450_11-17, 16mm 2017-2018 CRF450 Shock Shaft Assembly, 2016+ Africa Twin Outer Tube Kashima (Not ATAS), Showa Free Piston Oil Seal - 10 x 20 x 6 NLA USE F32201001, Carpet Showa by Genuine Parts Europe 200x100cm, Piston Ø36 BPF 41 - Kawasaki ZX 6R '09-10. ... What is the difference between fork oil and shock oil… Read More. Minimizes stiction and cavitation, providing optimum performance for all Honda inverted-fork suspension systems. CRF450_17-19 . With the structure's larger piston size, damping force response improves and high performance is achieved. The front fork prevents excessive weight on the front wheel during drastic sudden applications the break, softens bumping when driving on rough road surfaces. Structure is relatively simple, providing consistent performance. 9, 10. The 39 mm piston diameter and 25mm rod diameter guarantee a plush feel and supple action. Honda 2020 CRF450R Showa Front Forks Suspension CRF 450 R 250 Shock 2010 - 2020. I ... and keeping the oil in the fork. I called the dealer to order the oil seals (my left fork was leaking badly). Showa Genuine Parts sourced from the manufacturer is your guarantee of quality. Fork Oil Seal Kit 43x54x11mm for Husqvarna Showa Suzuki DL GSF 1200 GSX-R 750. RMZ450_2010, Service Kit RR Showa OFF 18mm / RMZ250_11-15 . Showa developed unique suspensions for public road application by combining race technology proven in the world’s top‐level racings with mass‐production technology to offer high performance and outstanding durability. Acceptance proposals with regard to purchasing. MMcN49. SHOWA 41-43mm BIG PISTON FORK (BPF) FORK CAP WRENCH . TFCW 4549 - Add to cart. Yamaha 01 Fork oil (Kayaba) 15,6 3,45 150 96 Showa Suspension Fluid SS-05 (Stock fork, OEM) 15,65 3,6 116 113 Maxima Bicycle Fork fluid (5wt) 5 15,9 3,51 150 98 The other interesting number is the Viscosity Index (VI), which is how stable the viscosity is over a wide temperature range. SHOWA 47/49mm TWIN-CHAMBER FORK CAP WRENCH Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 18 of 18 Posts. Bigger numbers are better. Brand / weight / model nominal weight Reported cSt @40C Reported cSt @100C Reported VI Recaclulated VI Viscosity/ Temperature Coefficient (VTC) VT (cSt@40/cSt@100) This BPF Fork Cap Wrench, along with the Cartridge Holding Tool TFCH 06 fit Showa BPF (Big Piston Forks). Vehicle specific rigidity given to present run out while braking and changing the direction of a wheel though handle operations. They don't hold much, maybe 1 pt. HEATING EQUIPMENT. Part # FSS-031. KXF450_16-18, Service Kit RR Showa OFF 16mm / CRF250_10-17, Service Kit RR Showa OFF 16mm / KXF450_2015, Service Kit RR Showa OFF 16mm / RMZ450_18-19, Service Kit RR Showa OFF 16mm / CRF250_18-19 . Showa has independently developed electronically controlled hydraulic valves for motorcycles. Free shipping Friction-modified formula specifically engineered for the latest in suspension technology from Showa and KYB. In the first case, there is a little residual oil left in the fork leg. Mar 3, 2014 #1 . He suggested that I might want … Disclaimer: You are working on your vehicle at your own risk I am not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle. So I got to play with a set of 43 mm Showa adjustable forks from a 2000 M900Sie today. In stock. Showa Fork Springs. I use Genuine KYB 01 fork oil, wich should be a real good choice... works fine. ... Ducati quote Shell Advance Fork oil 7.5w in the manual (but whether that's what's in the forks from the factory who knows), anyway Shell's spec sheet is here: 47mm x 493L; 47mm x 740mm SFF (11 KX250F) 49mm x 470mm 17 CRF450; 48mm x 657mm SFF; 49mm x 657mm SFF; WP Fork Springs. From United States Pour in the remainder of the oil. Sheesh. Front Fork Oil Seals (Pair) 47mm Showa -NOK. Transmission. By adopting characteristics optimized for motorcycles, the product achieves superior operation stability and ride comfort. At 68,000 miles, it was time to reseal the Show front forks on my 93 K75S. Announcement for Assignment of Board Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members of Hitachi Astemo, Ltd. Nov. 18, 2020 Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. In the past, these valves were often converted from automobile use. Part # FSS-033. This fork shares many similarities with the KYB 48mm SSS fork. RMZ450_18-19, Service Kit FF Showa Harley-Davidson 49mm, Service Kit RR Showa OFF 16mm / CRF250_2009 . It is a semi-synthetic product that is ultra-light 25W. RMZ450_18-19, Service Kit FF Showa 49mm w/o oil / CRF250_15-19 . This is mainly adopted for large on-road models. 1 Answer I need the oil capacity for the front forks. BPF Showa Rebound Piston Ring. If you are searching for hydraulic fork oil, then in a word, we suggest you that Maxima 55901 10WT should be the… Hi fellas, what kind of Fork oil do you find best for Showa forks?

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